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Are You a Veteran or on Active Duty?

You served your country proudly.  Now it is time for your county to give back.  I charge reduced fees for active duty military members or veterans seeking to file an expungement or sealing in DuPage or Cook County.

Since veterans with PTSD are at a high risk for criminal charges, I believe it is vital to provide this service to as many men and women in uniform as possible.

Since a criminal history is often a  barrier to obtaining employment, having the record expunged or sealed helps veterans better reintegrate into civilian society.  This lowers the number of veterans on the streets and restores honor not only to the veteran but to our country as well.  

I will give you time in my office to discuss the specifics of your case.  I will then search through County Clerk's record database and examine the charges that you need expunged or sealed.  If you were arrested in Chicago, I will help you obtain your "Rap Sheet".  Certain offenses can be expunged or sealed, and others are excluded and cannot be. I will advise you of what relief you may or may not qualify for.  

I handle all the work.  I analyze the case,  prepare the petitions, and appear in Court at the hearing.  Often times, I can arrange for you to be excused from appearing in court. 

The process can be complex, the law is technical, the petitions need to be prepared properly and must contain all pertinent information in order to be considered by the Court.  While the average attorney charges approximately $2,000 for these services, I offer expungement to veterans and active duty members for a reduced fee! Contact me now. You served us, now let me serve you.

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