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Illinois Uses Points?!?!?!

Yes! Illinois uses a points system, but not in the way other states do.  The Secretary of State will assess points when convicted of most traffic violation.  Each violation carries a different point value.  The more sever the violation, the more points are assessed.  The Secretary of State assesses points on over 100 traffic offenses.  Below are some of the more common offenses. (ILLINOIS TRAFFIC OFFENSES Revised 8-2017) 

VIOLATION                                                         POINTS


Speeding 1-10mph above                                5 

Speeding 11-14mph above                              15

Speeding 15-25mph above                              20

Speeding 26mph or more above                     50

Reckless Driving                                                55

Failure to Obey Traffic Signal                           20

Aggravated Speeding in School Zone              55

Aggravated Speeding in Construction Zone    55

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However, Illinois differs from other states in that, the number of points won’t trigger a suspension alone, but rather, the amount of points will determine the length of the suspension.  If you are over 21-years-old and receive three convictions for traffic violations within a 12-month period, your driver's license can be suspended.  If you are under 21-years-old, you will be suspended if you are convicted of two (2) moving violations in any 24 month period.  


The following are suspension lengths for  drivers who have not had a drivers license suspension or revocation in the last 7 years: (92 Ill.Adm.Code 1040.30)

        POINTS                       LENGTH OF SUSPENSION

        0 to 14 points             no suspension

        15 to 44 points           2-month suspension

        45 to 74 points           3-month suspension

        75 to 89 points           6-month suspension

        90 to 99 points           9-month suspension

        100 to 109 points       12-month suspension

        110 or more                Revocation


I fight to keep convictions off your driving record!  If you are already suspended or revoked, contact me immediately.  I can help you vacate convictions and reinstate your driving privileges without having to serve your suspension!

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