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Don't Let Your Past Define You.

People make mistakes.  It's natural to makes mistakes. The most successful people make have made plenty of mistakes in their life.  What separates them is their ability to not let their mistakes define them.  Having a criminal record will define who you are.  Criminal records will hold you back from succeeding.  Don't let it.  Illinois has the tools in place to wipe your criminal history clean. Illinois has the tools give you new start.

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Let Me Help You Start Over!

Illinois Law has generous grounds for Expunging & Sealing your record.  Unfortunately, Illinois Politicians made the law incredibly complex and confusing.  These complexities do nothing more than scare people away.  The very law meant to give people a fresh start, operates as an oppressive measure meant to hold people down.

Let me help you sort through the complexities.  Give me the opportunity to review your case.  I DO NOT charge a fee unless you qualify for an expungement or sealing.  I will review your record FOR FREE, either on the phone or in person.  I will give you the tools necessary for a fresh start.  Don't wait!  The process in Cook County can take as long as 9 months! (20 ILCS 2630/0.01)

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